Writing for Search Engine Watch, Ray Comstock has stated that there should be three main phases in analyzing data to further SEO results.

The first of these phases is Performance Reporting – The data that should be considered in this section is that which determines whether the SEO key performance indicators are leading to eventual goals. Commonly you would be analyzing levels for year over year, branded and non-branded traffic. Subsequently, correlating those figures for traffic levels with those of conversions will indicate the status of your SEO performance. It is also extremely important to identify big losses in traffic or a slip in rankings and act appropriately on them. Performance reporting will obviously provide a very good insight into the occurrence of these types of situation.

Comstock’s second phase is Opportunity Identification – This is the process of using your data to spot any opportunities to further the progress of your SEO campaign. Amongst the most of these opportunity categories are:

  • New Keyword Identification
  • External Link Opportunities
  • High Consideration Pages

The final phase of the process it that of Prioritisation – Prioritisation is taking the potential opportunities identified in the previous phase and then deciding on which will bring in the best ROI (return on investment). Comstock states that: “It’s helpful to develop a scoring system that takes the following factors into consideration:

  1. Potential additional search traffic based on the opportunity
  2. Current conversion rates/potential revenue for the opportunity
  3. Time needed to address the opportunity
  4. Ease of implementation to address the opportunity.”

Having this kind of system in place will allow for an improved decision making process when using data to drive the results produced by SEO.

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