Oh, come on. I feel like I’m being forced into choosing a link from the top 2 SERPs. Do I like it? Absolutely not.

What on earth has Google done with sitelinks?

Why oh why would I need every link to fill my minimal screen estate in this way? How long before the statistics come out to prove that the vast majority of the No 1 and 2 SERPS who swallow your screen estate in this way are also spending xyz on PPC (Pay Per Click)?

And if that commercial reason is not the motive for doing this, then what is?

Why would I want to lose most of my above the fold screen estate into these new links? Is Google telling every website designer that their navigation is so poor that Google needs to assist?

So, that’s how I feel! What do you think?

Is anyone impressed with this change, and would anyone care to offer suggestions why this is an improvement on the search engine results?

It is a development which is almost entirely wiped out by another inexplicable change on Google. We’ll cover that next….

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