Google’s recent Panda update has caused quite a stir in the world of SEO.

Taking a more ‘human’ view towards content, Panda will implement a penalty that covers the whole site – rather than just that particular page – if it falls below the algorithm’s quality standard.

Cyrus Shepard, writing for SEOmoz, has listed ‘Five deadly content sins’, which, if committed, will see your site penalized by Google’s Panda Update very quickly.

Here are just a few of those aforementioned ‘sins’:

  • Pages of Empty ContentThese are the blank pages that are simply in existence to link to other pages – without containing any substantial or useful content. It’s best to get rid of these pages, or more simply just fill them with some good, solid content to avoid incurring Panda’s penalties and as a result impeding your own site rating.
  • A High Advert Ratio They may be implemented by the same company, but they both say different things, with AdWords stating you should cover your site in adverts and the spam team advising you not to, or risk paying the penalty. Optimising for Adsense is not the same as SEO – therefore avoid utilising a high volume of adverts on your pages.
  • Auto-Generated Content and Affiliate Links Content built with little human interaction will ultimately see that Google devalues your site. Again like with adverts, reducing the number of affiliates links and amount of auto generated content will limit the risk of you incurring a penalization.

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