Many recent studies have indicated that marketers would be open to increasing the amount spent on their various social media marketing efforts.

Twitter is one the most commonly used social media sites for marketing purposes, though there are many marketers out there not making the most of the micro-blogging site’s capabilities.

Social media expert, Heidi Cohen, writing for ClickZ, has produced a list of six marketing strategies that can be employed to boost the effectiveness of Twitter marketing campaigns.

Here are just three of those aforementioned strategies:

  • Be real in real timeThis strategy is mentioned a lot, but it’s not always picked up on. Twitter, regardless of whether you’re marketing a business or brand, needs to have human participation – by this, you should display emotions when interacting in the Twitter-sphere, as this will show that you’re actually interested. Cohen recommends drawing up guidelines, which outline to employees how to ‘identify themselves and represent your business,’ as well as providing your presence with a consistency.
  • Provide your followers with ’15 seconds of Twitter fame’ An extremely easy tactic. Twitter’s appeal is about the community aspect, so by participating in conversation with followers, you will only improve your brand image. Utilising memes such as #FollowFriday, where you mention your various followers in a tweet are extremely useful in gaining customer acknowledgement.
  • Separate account for targeted tweets Multiple accounts to serve multiple purposes are a great way to keep followers from becoming irritated with information that they mightn’t necessarily have any interest in. Cohen states that if you regularly promote special offers it would be more useful to have an account solely dedicated to promoting these offers on a daily basis.

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