It’s a well-established fact that Twitter is one of the best social media marketing tools out there.

However, it’s not always that easy to measure the success of campaigns or marketing efforts on the micro-blogging site.

Having recently produced a list of strategies that can be employed to increase Twitter’s effectiveness in marketing, Heidi Cohen, writing for ClickZ, has suggested five ways in which the return on Twitter initiatives can be tracked:

  • Track Followers – The user reactions within the Twitter-sphere are a clear indicator of how your message is being received. However, it’s important to note that not all users will be logged-in at the time your tweet is published, and as a result will not see your message in their immediate timeline.
  • Monitor Tweets and Retweets – Retweets are a good way of measuring interaction. If you’ve linked your blog or website to your Twitter account and are tweeting that content, is your site traffic increasing as a result?
  • Measure special Twitter-specific ‘call-to-action responses’ – Cohen suggests asking yourself: “Are these tweets driving interaction, engagement, and/or sales?”
  • Monitor the social media environment for brand keywords – The step of monitoring what is said within the social media sphere about your brand is extremely useful. Response can be used to determine whether your Twitter presence is promoting a positive brand image – if not it can be utilized to make improvements to prevent problems from becoming exacerbated.
  • Monitor your own influence – The overall goal usually of participating on a social network is to improve your influence within the social media ecosystem. So it would make sense to come to some kind of overall conclusion regarding this, while at the same time taking into account how customers are reacting to your Twitter presence.

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