A recent study by PageLever, and cited in an article published by Search Engine Watch, has revealed that SEO strategy plays a much stronger role in generating external referrals to Facebook pages than people may currently be aware of.

Conducted by Jeff Widman, the study found that 33.98 per cent of external referrals for Facebook pages came from either Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Specifically looking at 1,000 fan pages – each with a minimum of 10,000 fans – during a 6 month period, – the beginning of January to the end of June – Widman used Facebook’s API  (application programming interface) to gather raw data.

By then using PageLever, Widman was able to differentiate between those referrals coming from search engines and those provided by other external sources.

When broken down, the results displayed that Google provided 27.57 per cent of referrals, with Yahoo! providing 4.11 per cent and Bing, 2.3 per cent.

Surprised by the Bing’s low number of referrals, Widman stated: “since Bing has a official partnership with Facebook, I would have expected the disparity between (Google and Bing) to be lower.”

Concluding on the display of results, Widman finished: “Optimizing for SEO really paid off for several of these Fan Pages.”

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