Twitter, if utilised correctly, is a fantastic tool in social media marketing. Although unimplemented, there is a set of unwritten rules for how to behave on the microblogging site – similar to netiquette – many of which people break on a regular basis.

Businesses, operating a Twitter presence with a lackadaisical approach, can impede their own brand image – ultimately doing more harm than good.

According to an article published by, there are typically seven deadly Twitter sins that can be committed.

Here are just three of those, and more importantly, how they can be avoided:

  • Greed – Constant posting can become irritating for your followers – remember you’re taking up their time and attention (albeit only on their timeline). Only post if you feel it’s really necessary for your brand. Greed can also occur by following an excessive number of Twitter users. Mike Johnasson suggests that the saying ‘the more you want something, the more it eludes you’ in this case is wholly relevant – don’t try too hard to gain followers.
  • Laziness – It is very easy to spot a cold, auto-tweeted response – they aren’t popular. Twitter is about community and interaction; therefore engage yourself by responding to your followers’ queries. It takes time and effort, but ultimately it will only build up the levels of trust people have for your brand.
  • Envy – Johansson recommends avoiding ‘slanging matches’ on the social network. If others are doing well on the site, take the opportunity to learn from their success rather than commenting jealously – people will all too often take notice of these kinds instances; thus reflecting badly on your brand.

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