Google AdWords’ Sitelinks is known to be a fantastic tool for optimising PPC adverts. Melissa Mackey, writing in an article published by Search Engine Watch, has created a list of 11 of the reasons Google AdWords Sitelinks is such a fantastic tool.

Here is just a summarized selection of the reasons she provided:

Sitelinks have a great CTR: Mackey states that the click-through rate (CTR) provided by the tool is ‘far above average.’ Taking a couple of minutes out to set it up, it’s possible to gain a CTR exceeding 10 per cent for the links in your account.

Provides area for ad text: Having just 95 characters to create a PPC ad with is tough, however Sitelinks makes it somewhat easier to sneak in extra ad copy. Mackey points out that there are around six extra opportunities to add any text that you may deem necessary to your PPC ad.

Sitelinks can be used to promote your social media presence: The feature can be utilised to publicise social media profiles such as Facebook. Though AdWords may have certain guidelines as to what can be said, it is possible, if you’re creative, to feature links to social media in Sitelinks.

Versatile for use with every type of PPC Campaign: Sitelinks are compatible to work with every type of PPC campaign, be it one centered around e-commerce or lead generation – it can be assured it will ultimately work effectively.

Allows the ability to ‘optimize for in-ad text/links’: In the same way in which you can increase advert copy, Sitelinks will also allow optimization for multiple landing pages, according to Mackey.

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