Many companies focus on a list of keywords that are deemed to be of most importance in bringing traffic to the site, using this list for PPC, SEO and finding links. However, for any website owner or webmaster who keeps an eye on the traffic logs, it has been obvious since search engines made their debut that it is not the major terms which bring traffic persistently and consistently over the years.

Finally, we have hard fact-based evidence that the long tail of search is indeed very, very long, and there are going to be a lot of SEO companies now advising clients to add as many long tail terms as possible through quality content. Many of the good SEO and Internet marketing companies have been advising this for almost a decade, but the importance of this optimisation strategy did seem to escape the notice of many others, who were spending considerable budgets on optimising pages with both black hat and white hat techniques, rather than focussing on the content on the site.

We keep saying it, but content really is king. Well-written, unique content around your core topics can only bring in more traffic, attract more backlinks, and lead potential customers to your site. And over a long period of time. The conversion for niche and long tail terms is inevitably higher because usually very few websites are providing the precise information or product that is being searched upon.

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