Social media marketing initiatives implemented via Facebook fan pages don’t really work as effectively as your fans are “unfollowing”.

An article citing recent research published by Search Engine Watch has gone some way to explaining why fans may be “unfollowing” your brand on the social networking site, and more importantly what you can do to prevent them from doing so.

Research compiled jointly by DDB Paris and OpinionWay found why fans were reaching for the “unfollow” option. Meanwhile a study carried out by KN Dimestore and SocialVibe looked at what effects incentivised advertising had on people’s perception of a brands and their subsequent purchasing behaviour.

Using a combination of the findings found by both studies, here is a summarised version of the reasons and solutions displayed in SEW’s article: 

  • Your page just doesn’t have a spark anymore: Ranking as the top reason to unlike a fan page is, “The brand was no longer of interest to me”. This could be purely down to the fact that your page just doesn’t resonate with some users anymore.

In order to combat this, try to encourage fans to stick around with incentives – such as competitions, giveaways, discounts vouchers, etc. The KN Dimestore/SocialVibe findings display that over 90 per cent of people will pay attention to a brand’s overall message if interacting when an incentive is involved.

  • Spamming your fans? : A number of fans – 36 per cent according to the DBB/OpinionWay research – will unfollow a brand purely because they are tired of frequent updates. Simplistically, the solution would be to update less frequently. However, preference varies depending on country – with some followers expecting more communication and some wanting considerably less.

The happy medium is to remain consistent. Stick to your brand message, if your post isn’t going to provide anything of significant value to your audience, steer clear. SEW argues that while: “EdgeRank is important, (but) you have to find balance between posting to rank and posting engage readers.”

  • Your page is just plain boring: Reason number two in the list for fans to stop following your brand is that the information you provide just isn’t interesting – a total of 46 per cent of respondents felt this way.

Therefore it is vitally important to understand the type of content that will interest – without necessarily needing to captivate on a regular basis – your audience. What will they share with others? Using analytics for Facebook’s Share button should go someway in determining this.

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