Part of good SEO practice is link building. But what does a good link actually constitute?

Nichola Stott, writing in an article published by Search Engine Watch, has created a short guide, encompassing five key features that a good link possesses.

We’ve taken just three of the key features from Stott’s list and summarised them below:

Relevant Visitors are from the Target Geolocation – In short, this means the linking site URL could have a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) of the country you are trying increase your traffic in.

Stott provides the example that: “a UK tech start-up product looking to grow its user-base, a linking story in is much better than,” as the former is more relevant to a localised European audience.

To give you visitors, a site needs an audience – This can be determined, if the site isn’t one that you’re aware of, by looking on “reputable media databases.” Stott specifies that a site with a small but engaged user base can be significant indication of quality.

Visitors that are relevant are difficult to fake – As a rule; a good number of visitors will interact with your site – leaving them determined as relevant. Stott writes: “Pages properties such as toolbar PageRank can be easily inflated and may not be reliable or up to date,” – a significant deterrent from doing so.

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