A new Ofcom report out this week highlights the fact that the UK is fast becoming an advanced digital nation.

Firstly, in adoption and use of new technologies, Ofcom reports that the UK consumers are embracing new digital services, as well as being prolific in their uses of mobile phones, both for calls, texts and now mobile broadband. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that your website works on mobile platforms, as we have posted about previously.

Although ad revenues for TV are down, and now are being overtaken by subscriptions, the shift for advertising has been to online strategies.

£1 in every £5 of ad spend is now online, making internet marketing in the UK one of the highest in the countries surveyed, and up by a third on 2006. For anyone still unsure about where to put their marketing budget for 2009, this type of research surely makes it a no brainer! Call your Internet Marketing company today!

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