Google has launched real-time analytics within Google Webmaster Tools and this now presents some great opportunities for co-ordinated marketing campaigns across a multitude of media with real-time tracking of results.

What this means is that there is no more lengthy waiting to judge whether or not a campaign is working. By putting up a blog post with an associated tweet (or series thereof), including tracking devices, you can judge instantaneously when interest picks up, where the peaks are, and when the long tail begins. This offers the chance to reinvigorate a campaign by re-engagement or to pull it if it is of little effect or is generating negative feedback.

You can trial a multitude of different messages to see which proves most effective. You can offer alternate landing pages to judge results from a variety of landing pages to find the most effective for lead generation and sales for your target audience and product set.

Until now, it has been hard work to keep tabs on a campaign throughout its lifetime, particularly when that is extremely short, as is often found with social media campaigns where attention spans are short. These real time results put Google ahead of most of the other free analytics services, and by building them into an environment which most webmasters and search marketing practioners are comfortable with means that adoption will be high.

Can you afford not to make the most of the real time analytics? The reality is that for many website owners, tracking marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming and arduous task, but now the results are available as soon as a campaign begins, there should be little excuse for not checking, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

It really is as simple as including a tracker so that you can watch as a campaign begins to take effect, evaluate where the traffic is being driven from, and make a decision about what to do as that traffic falls away. However, on a more advanced level, the real time analytics will undoubtedly prove worth their weight in gold to search and social media marketing companies who depend on this level of statistics to position effective campaigns for clients, over and over again.

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