Mobile marketingFacebook has added new features and functionality recently. One of the features that will have already been noticed by anyone who has recently visited a Facebook Page is the new “People are talking about this” number which shows beneath Likes.

We will be looking more at the Timeline and the new features of Insight shortly too in our series on Using Facebook to Market Your Business.

This number indicates how many people have engaged with a Page, in a variety of different ways, during the previous 7 days. How is the number calculated?

It can be in a number of ways and should encourage anyone with a Page to endeavour to get conversations going both on and off their page, and always ABOUT the page and its content.

You can boost the number by getting people to:
Like your Page
Post on your Wall
Like, comment upon or share content from your page, whether that is a post, photo, video, etc, including tagging a photo
Answer a question, join in a poll, RSVP to an event
Mentioning your Page
Use Facebook Places to check in at yours

For those who have viewed their Facebook page as a broadcast tool, the simple existence of this number in full view should encourage deeper involvement with visitors to the page, and on a regular basis because the number is valid for the previous 7 days. The more people you can get to interact with your content, the higher this number will be, so it is time to start thinking of ways to get higher involvement.

The most obvious fact is that you need to not only increase the number of people who you Like your page, but you need to begin to build a community and grab the attention of those people who do come to your page. Then, you need to get those people not only talking to each other, but also to others so that word spreads about your content.

We really are back to content is king because without compelling content people will not like your page, nor look at your offers, nor be encouraged to comment, like, tag or share.

What will you be doing with your Facebook Page to get that number up? And what facebook Pages do you interact with or like who are doing this well?

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