A good, well thought-out pay per click marketing campaign can yield some fantastic ROI (returns on investment). Writing for Search Engine Watch, Kevin Gibbons has produced a number of tips that, when implemented, could improve your PPC campaign.

Here is a summarised selection of the basics provided in Gibbons’ list:

Know Your Sector –

If you are conducting a campaign on behalf of a client, ensure that you know their business area. Gaining advice or even a basic level of training from the company will set you in good stead.

Also take the time to get up to speed with what your rivals are doing – making sure that you adjust your bids accordingly. Gibbons also suggests keeping “a watchful eye on competitors bidding on your brand name and avoid losing potential customers.”

Be Logical –

Logic, when used in your approach, will make it far easier to get a much wider view of your campaign’s operation.

Your bids will need to be given a chance to get up to speed – poor performance at the start may settle down over time. The campaign should also have a good naming structure, as well as a logical organisation structure – this will make it easier for others to involve themselves should their service be required.

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