Although social media marketing has become extremely popular with business in the past year, a new study has suggested that around a quarter of owners of small businesses remain unsure about the benefits of social media, according to an article published by Corp Comms Magazine.

The study, carried out by iContact, found that many were way, as they believed any such initiatives required a large amount of maintenance.

iContact’s study displayed a number of trends.

For example, popularity levels for the micro-blogging service, Twitter, tended to fall with those businesses amongst those businesses with a lesser amount of employees; whilst businesses making above £620 million in revenue on annum were more likely to hold the site in a much higher regard.

Three in every five surveyed also displayed their love for LinkedIn, while Google+ received a much more mixed response from those surveyed.

Chief executive of iContact, Ryan Alis, commented on the study results.

He commented: “Small business owners are a great barometer for these social products and platforms, because when something helps them hire, sell, or otherwise proves valuable, they’re passionate proponents.

“But when they are strapped for money and time, they’re quick to say if something is not worth investment either,” Mr. Allis finished.

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