Although the majority of SEO strategies are employed purely to drive traffic from standard searches, image search services such as Google Image Search shouldn’t be discounted – as a valuable traffic source.

Dave Davies, writing for Search Engine Watch, has produced a number of tips that can be used to optimise images to rank better on Google Image Search.

Here is a summarised version of the tips provided by Davies in the article:

Image Name – Images, when downloaded from an original source, will usually be pre-assigned a file name made up of a mix of letters and numbers.

To optimise the image for Google Image Search, the file should be given a more relevant name.

Alt Tags – Alt tags will provide your image some text with which it can be directly associated with; they also according to Davies give “engines a set of information to use a quasi-anchor text if the image is used a link.”

Page Copy – To determine the relevancy of an image on a page, Google will also crawl the text on the page. Therefore it is important to add some text to a page of images – as this will reinforce to the crawlers what the content of the image is.

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