Promoted Tweets have revolutionised the way in which social media marketing campaigns can be conducted on Twitter.

Purchased by marketers, they allow what would normally be a standard Tweet to reach a far larger audience than ever before.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Ron Schott has created a short guide detailing tips on how to use the aforementioned Promoted Tweets to improve brand visibility.

Here are just a few of Schott’s tips in a summarized form:

Promote your best content – Using Promoted Tweets to promote content that is dull and uninteresting is a complete waste of time. The content should inspirational in tone rather than with a tone that goes directly for the hard sell.

Tweeting great content is something that will need to continue both via Promoted Tweets and standard Tweets if your social media marketing strategy is to heed great results.

Use the Promoted Tweets to draw people in; use links and the offer of access to exclusive content to keep people engaged.

Control the Hashtag – With Promoted Tweets you have a great opportunity to bring new Hashtags into the Twitter-sphere. If you create engaging content that is shared around on the micro-blogging site, there is a far greater chance of your Hashtag trending – resulting in an even greater level of brand exposure.

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