PPC (Pay Per Click)

There are two key elements to selecting the right PPC agency – peace of mind that your account is being managed to best practice principles, and reassurance that the most appropriate PPC services have been selected and implemented to achieve your goals.

ClickThrough Marketing has specialised in paid search since 2004 so we know how fast paced this world moves. Our paid search experts dig deep to ensure your campaigns are managed in the most cost-effective way and deliver the best return. As your paid search agency, you will know your strategy is being managed by:

  • Experts who operate with best practice at heart
  • A trusted, Google-certified PPC agency
  • Google certified AdWords experts
  • Bing qualified PPC specialists
  • Kenshoo Enterprise Pro agency

Call the experts today on 0808 088 7486 and boost your PPC campaign management.

Paid Search Management

Whether taking over an existing paid search account or starting from scratch, there are many different elements to consider. With an expert’s view on your account and strategy you are guaranteed the most efficient and profitable campaign possible.

Our paid search management service provides you with the peace of mind that your paid search strategy is being managed by experts who focus on delivering results. Our paid search management is based on years of best practice principles, experience and qualified knowledge.

We audit your account to ensure best practice is adhered to from the ground up. And with our close relationships with the search engines and technology partners, you know you are working with a team of PPC experts who will take your strategy to the next level. As your paid search agency, we will:

  • Ensure your search engine accounts and strategy adheres to best practice principles
  • Select the most appropriate paid search tactics to reach your goals
  • Forecast your return to show the true value of each paid search channel
  • Optimise your accounts to the most granular level to drive cost-efficiency and improve return
  • Maximise return from mobile spend, focussing on cross device conversion and attribution

Our experts continually tweak, test and optimise your campaign to ensure you get the best return on investment – you can rely on the PPC services we provide.

Google Shopping

With ever growing investment of budgets into Google Shopping we know how important it is for online retailers to optimise their Google Shopping return using two essential components – Google AdWords and Google Merchant Centre to increase online and in-store sales.

ClickThrough’s ecommerce specialists have extensive expertise managing e-commerce campaigns, from small to large and complex. We understand what it takes to manage a successful campaign. From feed and attributes optimisation to bids, budgets, competitor research, layering on top an effective ad group and product optimisation methodology. Our PPC experts can help you enhance your product listing ads.

We also have strategic relationships with feed management companies to make the best recommendations to help maximise visibility, conversion rates and return.


Google Remarketing allows brands to serve ads to users that have previously visited your website, ensuring your brand is at the front of their mind when ready to convert. It can dramatically improve performance and achieve even higher conversion rates when combined with other targeting methods.

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, registrations or brand awareness, Google Remarketing is an important component of your online marketing plans.

As your PPC agency, we can advise you on the advanced retargeting techniques that encourage lost customers to come back and convert. Our expertise can help your business upsell to customers who have previously purchased, and find new customers based on behavioural targeting.

We also work with Criteo to provide personalised remarketing campaigns for desktop, mobile and social. By utilising Criteo you can ensure visitors see your ads whilst browsing sites such as Microsoft, Sky, Channel 4 and The Guardian. It also integrates with Facebook, allowing brands to make use of Facebook Exchange and remarket to visitors through their Facebook feed.

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network (GDN) is an important strategy for raising brand awareness or direct response, allowing you to serve banner and text ads on websites relevant to your product and your customer demographic. Our Display activity works to support your brand identity. From keyword research to artwork creation, and ad placement to Google Analytics, we can provide on-going brand management of your display advertising to maximise its effect.

Paid Social

We also provide paid social media advertising services, to help you talk direct to your customer on the platforms they most use – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Pinterest or Instagram. With the power of highly targeted ads you can really speak to your audience.

Our paid social services are based on best practice principles of paid search balanced with the importance of social media, where we continually tweak, test and optimise to ensure you always get the best possible results.

Kenshoo Bid Management

Kenshoo is engineered by search marketers for search marketers and is ClickThrough Marketing’s recommended provider for bid management, optimisation and reporting.

It provides additional insights over and above the last click win methodology to understand the keywords which are converting but also those that are supporting or contributing to conversions.

With Kenshoo we can maximise your return on investment through its powerful and flexible bid optimisation strategies.

  • Google Shopping

    Google Shopping has come a long way since its inception as Froogle in 2002. Originally a price comparison service, today it has become one of, if not the, largest e-commerce platforms in the world. A major shift in direction in 2012, which turned Google Shopping into a paid model, saw Google Shopping expand exponentially. Today,…

  • AdWords Training and Mentoring

    Since 2004 ClickThrough Marketing has managed B2B and B2C paid search accounts, working to Google AdWords best practices. Our team of Google-qualified PPC specialists offer years of experience in the field, and continue to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques via Google training courses, our own Digital Academy and regular in-house knowledge shares….

  • PPC and SEO Integration

    It is our mission to help our customers increase leads and sales by providing an integrated digital marketing service. For us, search engine optimisation (SEO) and PPC are different sides of the same coin. Our Digital Strategy Wheel approach ensures all your digital marketing activities are integrated to achieve optimal results. Why Integrate PPC and…

  • Paid Social

    Social Media Advertising Social media advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of online advertising. The major benefit of using paid social media is that you can target your online advertising message to users’ demographics and personality – directing your digital marketing message to your core target market. Advertising on social media is great…

  • PPC Management Services

    Want better ROI from PPC advertising? Our Google AdWords experts can help. We use best-practice strategies combined with the latest technologies and innovations – backed up by years of PPC experience. We’ve boosted conversions and reduced costs for clients across a wide range of industries, tackling large, complicated accounts, as well as helping paid search beginners get the best out from Google AdWords and other paid search platforms.

  • Remarketing

    Get the ones that got away. With Google remarketing, your display ads are shown to site visitors even after they leave your site – even if they’re browsing elsewhere. Retargeting keeps you at the forefront of visitors’ minds as they continue researching products online, so they’re more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to buy. Our remarketing experts create bespoke retargeting strategies to target visitors likely to convert, and win back customers who may otherwise spend with your competitors instead.

  • Display Advertising

    In a crowded marketplace, it pays to be on display. Display advertising ensures your brand stands out. Our PPC specialists make eye-catching advertising banners that shout your brand from the rooftops– and this can improve clicks and conversions. We’ll make sure that your ads show to the right people, at the right time, so your display advertising budget delivers the most bang for your buck.

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