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How important is Google+ to your future marketing?

We’re asking this question since we’re approaching the first anniversary of the initial...

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How to PPC: The Importance of Utilising URL Tracking in Google Analytics

We have a running in-joke in the ClickThrough Marketing office, between the content team and our ...

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Meet Saiqa Bi, the newest addition to ClickThrough’s PPC team

We sat down with Saiqa Bi, ClickThrough’s new paid search manager, to chat about her new role. We...

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Is A/B Testing a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Ask any business at the top of its sector how it got there, and the answer will invariably involve...

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Microsoft Bing revamp turns search into a social experience

Microsoft's search offering, Bing, has undergone another revamp. And with a huge focus on social,...

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LinkedIn buys SlideShare for $119m

Business networking site LinkedIn has acquired the team behind popular content sharing platform...

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