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Posts by Al Rowe:

Enhancing GA4 conversion tracking: How to count conversions once per session

GA4 has reintroduced the once-per-session conversion counting method. Find out what this means and...

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How to write the perfect meta description using ChatGPT

With the release of GPT-4, how revolutionary will this tool be? Alan Rowe takes us through it...

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Why brands must migrate to GA4 now or lose their year-on-year data

Brands putting off migrating to GA4 risk losing all of their YoY data. Al Rowe shares why this is...

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How to Use Google Analytics 4 to Smash Your Conversion Rate

ClickThrough's Director of Web Strategy, Alan Rowe, talks us through how to use Google Analytics 4...

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Is your cookie notification fit for purpose? (and what to do about it)

ClickThrough's Strategy Director Al Rowe looks at a recent EU ruling and what it might mean for...

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What is Data-Led Design? - Part 2 - THE BEST WAY TO GET MORE CONVERSIONS

Following Part 1, I discuss how Data-led Design® can put CRO on steroids. With this approach you...

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Should I be split testing during the Covid-19 crisis?

Our Strategy Director Al Rowe says yes, now more than ever but start small, read more

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What is DATA-LED DESIGN? - Part 1 - New Website Builds

If you're a marketer, sales person, web developer, or even an MD/CEO - you'll understand the...

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