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Posts about Google Analytics:

Enhancing GA4 conversion tracking: How to count conversions once per session

GA4 has reintroduced the once-per-session conversion counting method. Find out what this means and...

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How to track digital performance with thank you pages

What are thank you pages, and why are they important for monitoring performance? Find out more...

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How to check bounce rate in GA4

Wondering where to find bounce rate in GA4, and what the measurement’s changes mean? Our latest...

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Google Analytics 4 - What you really need to know

What do you really need to know before getting started with GA4? Dr Dave Chaffey highlights the...

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Why brands must migrate to GA4 now or lose their year-on-year data

Brands putting off migrating to GA4 risk losing all of their YoY data. Al Rowe shares why this is...

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Thinking of upgrading to Google Analytics 4? Read this before you do

We've spoken before about GA4 and what upgrading will mean. This month, Dr. Dave Chaffey is sharing...

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How to Use Google Analytics 4 to Smash Your Conversion Rate

ClickThrough's Director of Web Strategy, Alan Rowe, talks us through how to use Google Analytics 4...

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"GA4 will give us a clearer idea than ever before of user journeys" - Web Developer Scott Spragg on Google Analytics 4

We caught up with Web Developer Scott Spragg to find out what GA4 means for us and for our clients.

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SEO News: GoogleBot adds products to shopping cart and inside information on Search Console and Google Analytics integration!

Tom Williams is back with another batch of news from the world of SEO. Find out more about updated...

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Attribution: Are you still stuck on last click?

What does attribution really mean in the realm of Digital Marketing? Our Director of Digital Paid...

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Using APIs To Improve Your Search Marketing Analysis And Reporting

 Dr Dave Chaffey revisits two Google Services from his previous article, and explores how they can...

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