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Posts by Macy Edwards:

Context-driven advertising is the new normal in a cookieless world

Why must advertisers embrace cookieless marketing options? Macy Edwards shares why this opens the...

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Looking forward to 2022: Why is Zero Party Data becoming increasingly more important?

What is zero-party data, and why should you care? Macy Edwards shares why zero-party data is...

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First party data: why marketers should care about building customer trust

Why is building trust an essential step to gaining first-party data? Macy Edwards shares what...

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First Party Data: what is it and why should marketers care?

You might have heard the term ‘First party data’ being thrown around lately, but what is it and...

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Google announces their “path to eliminating third-party cookies”

With Google announcing their path for eliminating 3rd party cookies, Macy Edwards takes us through...

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How to Grow Your Business Using Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a great source of visual inspiration, but did you know it's also a shoppable platform?...

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Stop Interrupting, Start Inspiring: Why You Should be Driving Action Through Your Brand on Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy? Our Director of DPM, Macy Edwards,...

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Cookie Rejection and What it Means for Advertisers

What is cookie rejection? And what does it mean for advertisers? From the limitations of...

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The Modern Marketing Mix: Measuring Paid Channels Accurately

What is Marketing Mix Modelling? And what challenges does it pose for advertisers? Macy Edwards...

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How Can Pinterest’s Visual Search Algorithm Supercharge Your Ads?

Pinterest is a powerful tool that allows users to browse a vast range of content, but what are the...

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'The Four' Latest Announcement: Facebook Shops

What is Facebook Shops? And how does it fit into the online ecosystem? Macy Edwards talks us...

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