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Posts by Megan Carthy:

Google delay the phase-out of Third-Party Cookies (again!)

Google are now holding on to third-party cookies for another year, till 2024. Find out more about...

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Meet May’s Employee of the Month – Content Executive Beth Whitehead!

This month, our coveted employee of the month award went to Beth Whitehead. We got to know Beth,...

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Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Amy Cox!

Today, we're saying congratulations to our July employee of the month, Amy Cox! Amy's sunny outlook...

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Ethical advertising – can advertisers be trusted to self-regulate?

Ever wondered how ethical advertisers can be? Megan takes a look at how advertisers can be trusted...

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Why you should still be prepared for Cookieless advertising

Cookieless advertising is a problem for the future right? Wrong! Learn why you should already have...

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Congratulations to Luke, our Latest Employee of the Month

It may be July, but it's not too late to celebrate our June employee of the month! Join us as we...

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Ilona Anderson joins us as our new Head of Talent Engagement!

Ilona Anderson joins ClickThrough in the exciting new role of Head of Talent Engagement. We find...

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Say hello to Victoria, the newest member of ClickThrough's Finance Team

We get to know Victoria, the newest member of the ClickThrough finance team. Find out more about...

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How to create content for your brand during pride month

Looking to create content for pride this June, but not sure how to do it well? Read our guide on...

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We welcome our new Data-wizard, Sheila Bano Hernandez to the team!

Join us as we get to know Sheila Bano Hernandez, our new data analyst. We learn what she gets up to...

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Meet May's Employee of the Month - Jennie Lindehoff!

This month's winner of our employee of the month award is Jennie Lindehoff - our resident PR queen!

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