PPC News Roundup: AdWords Report - How Many Days To Conversion?

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp detail the latest in paid search industry news, including AdWords’ ‘Days To Conversion’ report, a new tab rollout for Bing Ads and how parallel tracking can influence landing page success.

How Many Days To Conversion?


Google AdWords now produces a report that can let advertisers know the approximate time it takes for their users to convert after clicking an ad.

Even though not every user may convert straight away, there is still the opportunity for a potential conversion in the future. Some users may require more than just one single ad before they convert, and some may drop off the radar for what seems like an eternity before they make a decision.

But how long should you leave it before you assess the prosperity of your campaigns?

Read more to find out how this report works and how it can prove useful when reviewing your marketing strategies.

New Tab Rollout For Bing Ads


You can navigate to Bing Ads’ new ‘Overview’ tab in the main page for Campaigns.

This tab provides a more detailed and granular view of account performance, and offers extensive customisation in contrast to the Homepage. Not unlike the overview pages from the new AdWords interface, this tab has tiles that contain charts and data, which users can resize and erase as they wish.

The full rollout is expected to hit the globe in Bing Ads’ latest UI over the next fortnight.

Take Full Advantage Of Google’s Sitelinks


Back in August this year, Google made some changes to the way it serves sitelinks, structured snippets and callouts in ads.

Here’s how each feature changed:

  • Sitelinks are now in carousel format
  • Snippets and callouts have moved to the description text area in ads

To really optimise its user experiences and stay in sync with digital trends, Google is constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance its features.

Columnist and Google bod Matt Lawson states:

Sitelinks are a way to prequalify a visitor to your site. If they’re swiping on that carousel to find the right link for their situation, you can be more confident that they’ll like where they land. How should you adapt your sitelinks to this new reality?

Here’s how:

  1. Verify that you are, indeed, seeing more clicks on your sitelinks

  2. Send those sitelink clicks to the right pages on your site

  3. Include plenty of sitelinks

  4. Write sitelinks that make interacting with your site easier

Put more effort into sitelinks and embrace the new look!

How Parallel Tracking Can Influence Landing Page Success


Did you know a one second delay on a mobile page load can cause conversions to drop by 20%?

That’s why Google AdWords has introduced parallel tracking.

To combat the delays caused by standard URL tracking when a user clicks an ad, this new feature will send the user straight to your landing page while the browser deals with URL tracking processes behind the scenes.

Benefits of this:

  • Higher engagement
  • Reduce wasted ad spend
  • Increase conversions
  • More profit

According to the Google AdWords team, the full rollout of parallel tracking will be completed by early next year.

CTA Bar Now Mirrors Ads In Instagram


Instagram has been working on providing more ads in its user feeds by mirroring these in its CTAs.

According to a spokesperson for the app;

The redesigned look is meant to ensure that an ad’s photo or video is its standout element and to make people’s feeds feel more natural. It may also ensure that Instagram can insert more ads into those feeds without making them look overloaded with ads.

By changing the blue CTA bar to be in-keeping with the colour scheme of the ad it appears in, Instagram hopes to insert more ads and take a load off Facebook’s ad-load shoulders.

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