PPC News Roundup: How To Fix Your Remarketing Campaign

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp bring us the latest paid search news, including tips for remarketing campaigns, Google AdWords features to watch, Bing discontinues ad intelligence features and how to use Snapchat Features to connect to customers.

How To Review Your Remarketing Campaign

Rachel Law details five steps to take when troubleshooting a poorly performing remarketing campaign, taking into account the following:

  1. Who Are Your Remarketing To?

theatre seats

By identifying the most specific demographic you possibly can using segmentation for each page of your site, you can tailor your content to those specific users.

  1. What Structure Are You Using?

A structured campaign will make your processes much cleaner. Consider how you have grouped your image ads and text ads. Have you thought about segmented you campaigns by theme?

  1. What Ads Are You Showing?

Review your remarketing ads and your regular search ads. If they’re the same, are you getting the most out of the remarketing opportunity? Test some variations of your remarketing ads so you can specifically target your user.

  1. Where Are Your Ads Showing?

Think about the placement of your ads too. Certain placements of your ads may not convert as well as others.

  1. How Often Are You Showing?

frequency of ads capping toolIt’s important not to bombard users with your ads. By pulling back on the amount of times your ads are displayed you could save a significant amount of budget and gain more conversions.

Which Google AdWords Features Should You Use In 2016

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to start looking into strategies for 2016. Jen Carpenter lists the top 5 features in Google Adwords that we should be using to improve performance:

  1. Call-Only Campaigns

call-only paid ad campaign

For businesses where the main goal is to schedule appointments, a call-only campaign is a winning option. Google launched call-only campaigns in February 2015, helping marketers to take advantage of the increasing use of mobile search, helping users to call the corresponding business straight from the ad.

  1. TrueView Updates

With the addition of TrueView for Shopping and TrueView Cards, marketers now have the opportunity to make video content more interactive, reaching out to users with product details as they watch content. What better way to interact with users, and show them the value of your product?

  1. New Ad Extensions

In early 2015, Google launched dynamic structure snippets, which pull through information about your products, as part of your ad. This feature was updated in August 2015 so marketers can now choose the information that is being pulled through. These details can range from type of product, to destinations and styles.

  1. Gmail Ads

Google announced native Gmails ads in September 2015, which are considered as part of the Display Network. They offer colourful ad options to present business products or offers. Run directly from AdWords, they can feature a single image, an image alongside a promotion, or multiple products with a clear call to action button. You can target your Gmail ads based on keyword, demographic or topic.

  1. Shopping Remarketing Lists

Google also launched Shopping Remarketing Lists in October 2015, allowing for remarketing lists to be used in shopping campaigns, instead of just search and display campaigns. This will mean a more targeted ad effort, where users will see your ad in Shopping results, if they search using a similar keyword. Google also release the Shopping Insights Tools and the Assortment Report – both of which provide data about search behaviour. The Assortment Report will give you information as to which products users are searching for that you do not currently offer.

Bing Discontinues Features In Ads Intelligence

Bing Auciton Insights

Both the Auction Insights and Opportunities tabs within Bing Ads Intelligence are to be discontinued. The features will now be available within the Bing Ads web UI instead.

The Auction Insights will be in the ‘Details’ drop down menu at Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword level and will also allow you to export them in a report form. The Opportunities will also be available in the Bing Ads Web UI under ‘Broad Match Opportunities’ in the Opportunities tab, which again will allow you to break this down to campaign and ad group level, whereas previously it was only available at account level.

Snap Chat: A Guide For Marketers

snapchat icon

With Snapchat having a growing audience it is time to start looking into Snapchat Ads. As it is a quite expensive platform, it is useful mostly for bigger brands. Discover how to use Snapchat’s Features to connect with your customers, how to set up an account, create stories and view story analytics, with Kirsti Hines’ in-depth Snapchat guide.

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