Say hello to ClickThrough’s new digital sales executive

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When did you start at ClickThrough? – Tuesday, August 28

What does your role at ClickThrough involve? – My role involves generating new business for ClickThrough Marketing – in other words, bringing on new clients.

So I’ll be demonstrating ClickThrough’s SEO and PPC technology and services to prospects, then meeting with them to discuss how we can put together a bespoke service to bolster their Internet marketing efforts.

What’s your background? – Since graduating from Aston University in 2006 with a degree in Business, I have worked as a recruitment consultant for Hays Education, an account manager for a leading energy consultant, and in new business generation for a Welfare to Work provider. I also have experience in telemarketing, traditional marketing, and new business startup.

What attracted you to the role? – I studied marketing as part of my degree, and straight away I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in it. With Internet marketing being the biggest and fastest growing sector within marketing, I was very excited when I was offered the role at ClickThrough. I know someone who has used ClickThrough’s services, and after chatting with him, I realised it would be a great company to work for.

What do you think of ClickThrough so far? –I haven’t been here for long, in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve already been welcomed as an integral part of the team. In fact, after the first few days it felt like I had worked here for ages – in a good way!

What skills will you bring to the role? – Having a sales and account management background, I have the ability to build rapport with prospects and identify new business opportunities. Generating sales is an exercise in balance, and over the years I’ve learnt how to sell in products and services without committing the cardinal sales sin – being too pushy.

What’s your proudest moment, career-wise? – I think my proudest moment is getting my job at ClickThrough.  Since getting my first taste of marketing at university, it is a subject I have thoroughly enjoyed, and it quickly became the focus of my ambitions. As cheesy as it sounds, my wish came true when I was offered this role.

If you could be stranded on a desert island with only three items, what would they be? – ClickThrough’s 101 Guides to Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing, and a Wilson Volleyball!

Jokes aside, The Outdoor Survival Handbook by Ray Mears, a big machete and – assuming I could harness some kind of electricity supply, and craft a television using tree bark and coconut husks – my PlayStation. With FIFA 13 to hand, I’ll never get bored whilst I wait for a ship to see my signal fire.

How would you spend a perfect weekend? – It would have to be a long weekend chilling and surfing on the beach in Cornwall with friends. Perfect sunny weather would be a prerequisite, obviously.

If you could arrange your own concert, with any artists, who would they be? – I’d put together a mini-festival with all of my favourite artists – Noah and the Whale, Paramore, Oasis, the Eagles, Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Xavier Rudd.

Finally, where do you see yourself in seven years? – Who knows? Hopefully a successful Sales Director with ClickThrough!

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