Warming Up Cold Leads – B2C Edition

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Ways in which you can reach out to your “cold” leads, how to warm them up and improve engagement.

Reaching Targeted Audiences

In terms of getting your customers and potential customers engaging with your brand, I would recommend platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Each platform enables you to reach targeted audiences in different ways. But, make sure your messaging aligns with the benefits your potential customers will get from purchasing your products.

For example: on Pinterest, what style of winter dresses are they looking for? Showcase your products through images displaying what the dresses look like on, as well as simple standalone pictures of the products.

For more detailed points on targeting, read the B2B edition.

Be sure to target users following your competitors. Think about what they would gain from buying from you, as opposed to their competitors…

Remarketing Audiences

You can also set up remarketing audiences, and incentivise them to buy your products, through offering discounts (in this case abandoned baskets are a key target market, as they have high engagement with brand and converted users – they are very familiar with your brand and could return to buy again!).

You can also use remarketing platforms like Criteo, AdRoll and GDN, to remarket to users with product ads for products they interacted with on site, but didn’t purchase.

Page Likes

Another way to warm up your cold leads is to set up “Page Likes” campaign on Facebook. The objective of these campaigns is to encourage your target audience to “Like” your page, which automatically makes them a follower of your brand’s page on Facebook.

Benefits of this? Your customers and potential customers will stay up to date with your communications, for instance if you’re having a flash sale and you promote it through Facebook, your page’s followers will likely see it and engage. 

This is also a fruitful opportunity for you to regularly communicate with your customers on a personal level.

Geo Targeting

Use this to determine the location of your customers and potential customers, and then deliver them the appropriate content for their current location. Promote your in-store events at stores near them, which will increase the engagement with your brand and also footfall.

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