ClickThrough’s Amazon advertising specialists work solely within the changing landscape of Amazon Advertising

We don’t approach Amazon advertising as an extension of paid search activity, but as an important marketing channel in its own right.

Our Amazon specialists work solely on developing bespoke marketing strategies for our clients based on their specific needs within the platform. We work to identify the strategies that support our clients individual goals and grow their profile in the world’s biggest online marketplace.

We provide:

  • Specialist Amazon advertising and consultancy, proven to grow clients Amazon presence
  • Amazon Listing Management to enhance the quality of your listings and improve your Amazon SEO
  • Bespoke Amazon Advertising strategies to maximise your return on investment.
  • Access to Amazon’s DSP (Demand Side Platform) for clients looking to advertise on platforms such as Twitch, Amazon FireTV and more.

ClickThrough are Amazon Advertising Partners

We're pleased to say that, as a member of the Amazon Partner Network, ClickThrough offer an Amazon approved level of service to our clients. You can be sure your brand is in safe hands with our team of Amazon specialists.