We help B2B companies plan and manage campaigns to generate new leads and nurture existing leads through to close

We have experience doing this for a diverse range of sectors including IT/Software, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and Engineering.

In B2B organisations with diverse sales and marketing teams with complex long sales cycles - the approach required to drive consistent sales growth through proven marketing strategies is very different to B2C or Ecommerce organisations.

Benefits of working with CTM include;

  • Avoid wasting budget on silo SEO and PPC strategies that will not sufficiently impact niche B2B sales growth
  • Work with a strategic long term partner that understands the unique challenge of getting B2B marketing to generate performance and return

Strategies typically deployed within B2B sales environments include a blend of:

  • Persona and buyer persona identification
  • Existing database cleansing and segmentation
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns
  • Content ideation and creation
  • Buyer journey mapping 
  • Identification of integrated CMS, CRM and marketing automation technology
  • Design and implementation of integrated marketing platforms
  • Implementation of lead tracking technologies such as Google Analytics, Lead Forensics and call tracking solutions 
  • Gated content and conversion optimised landing pages 
  • LinkedIn and Sales Navigator strategies 
  • Niche targeted SEO and Adwords PPC strategies
  • Remarketing advertising using Google Display Network
  • Alignment and training of marketing and sales team roles and KPI's
  • Mindset and culture shift of the sales and marketing organisation

To deliver B2B solutions, we work closely with the following technology and ad platforms: