APPLE TRAINING ACADEMY Conversion rates up 300%

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PPC and Conversion boosts Apple Training Academy's conversions for all campaigns

ClickThrough recently worked with Apple Training Academy to tackle a decrease in PPC conversions after a website redesign. With ClickThrough’s help, the training provider boosted conversions across all campaigns by 133% – with one campaign’s conversions rocketing by more than 300%!

The Challenge

Apple Training Academy is a family-run business that specialises in quality short courses and vocational qualifications. ClickThrough has worked with Apple Training Academy since 2012, helping to manage its paid search account.

The company suffered a downturn in web leads after launching a new PPC landing page format, with average conversion rates across all campaigns dropping by more than 50 per cent. They turned to account executive Dave Earnshaw for help.

The Strategy

Dave noticed that the redesigned landing pages featured an information request form at the bottom of the page. In the previous design, this form had been located to the right of the main service copy, in a prominent position above the fold.

Apple training academy landing page - old version

However, on the new version of this page, the ‘Request More Course Information’ box was redesigned to fill the width of the page, and moved to the very bottom. (Unfortunately, we don’t have an image of this redesign.)

Dave suspected that the new location of the form was negatively impacting web leads, as users now had to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the conversion point. He suggested implementing heat mapping technology to track user behaviour on-page, as this would provide a clear indication as to whether users were scrolling down far enough to view the form.

Soon, the software confirmed Dave’s suspicions:

Apple Training Academy landing page - heat map

Apologies for image quality!

The colours indicate the number of users who have scrolled down to that portion of the page. The spectrum goes from blue (least amount of users) to green, to yellow, to red, to white (most amount of users).

As you can see from the image, very few users were spending time at the bottom of the page, where the form was. Most users paused just below the fold, where key information about the course was located.

In light of these results, Dave suggested Apple Training Academy should move the form to this highly visible portion of the site – keeping the new wide format of the new form, but locating it in a similar position to the previous version. The company agreed, and the changes were implemented quickly.

The Results

After the change was implemented, average conversion rates across all campaigns soared by 133%. Conversions were also 16% higher than they were before the landing pages were redesigned.

On an individual campaign level, the results were often even better. One particular campaign saw a 302% increase in conversions after the change was implemented – 114% higher than the pre-redesign page.

When you look at the updated heat map, it’s easy to see why:

Apple Training Academy heat map - after the form was moved.

As you can see, the colour shading is much the same between the new version of the landing page, with the form moved, and the old version, with the form at the bottom. However, with the form now relocated to a yellow belt (where approximately 75%-90% of customer scrolled) it’s now much, much more visible.