positive results from conversion rate optimisation strategy

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Conversion Optimisation Strategy for Home Energy Services delivers 400% increase 

ClickThrough Marketing recently worked with Home Energy Services to improve conversions on one of its key landing pages. The results were very positive, with conversions increasing by more than 400%.

What we did and why:

The Challenge

Home Energy Services asked ClickThrough Marketing to look at conversion rate optimisation on its central heating care landing page, feeling that too many visitors bounced or left the site without entering a postcode and clicking submit. Results were measured by tracking click-through rate from the central heating care page to the Home Energy Services sign-up process.

The Strategy

Firstly, we identified the personas using the page. Then we identified why these users were not converting – in this case, it was because the page was cluttered, didn’t present key USPs in an easy-to-read fashion, and didn’t portray a clear route to conversion.

Armed with our findings, we built a landing page that was convincing, allayed fears, and knocked down barriers to conversion while being user friendly.

These heat mapping screenshots show the differences in user interactions between the original (top) and our redesigned version (bottom).

The original page.

The original page.

Our redesigned landing page.

Our redesigned landing page.

These show that, with landing page optimisation in our redesigned page, more users were convinced to use the form rather than navigating away from the page or scrolling to do more research. If they scrolled down on the original version of the page their chances of conversion were drastically reduced as they were not convinced lower down the page either.

The Results

The control page (original) had 3033 visits over 51 days. From these visits, 81 users clicked through to the sign-up process – a conversion rate of 2.67%.

Our new version had 2000 visits over 13 days. From these visits, 330 users clicked through to the sign-up process – a conversion rate of 16.5%.

We increased the conversion rate of this page by 418%

Client feedback

"We gave ClickThrough the task of increasing the conversion rate of our central heating care page. The results have been impressive.

“As a consequence of their scientific and considered approach to conversion enhancement, a much higher amount of users are now coming through to our sign up process”.

Charlie Scott
Marketing Director, Home Energy Services