In the past it was possible to convince any search engine that the content produced by your website was of a good standard – providing that it was jam-packed with keywords.

However, recent improvements to algorithms – such as Google’s Panda update – mean that it is much harder to achieve a good ranking through rehashed content, according to Kevin Gibbons, writing for Search Engine Watch.

Gibbons has produced a ten-point list detailing the ways in which publishing rehashed content can impede your site’s success.

Here are just three of those points in a summarised form:

Point 1 – No social buzz: A number of recent studies have displayed that there is a “clear correlation between ranking and social signals,” Gibbons writes.

Therefore if your site is publishing content that is dull, boring and generally of no use, the chances of it being shared on social media sites are extremely low; this means that the likelihood of it ranking is also diminished – meaning that any implemented SEO strategies could be going to waste.

Point 2 – Google doesn’t like rehashed content: Google’s Webmaster Tools provides an insight into what has to be done to rank well. If you publish content that isn’t original or is auto-generated there is a good chance that your site will be punished with no ranking – without you even knowing about it.

Point 3 – Nobody will bother to comment: Comments can be start of a good conversation with your readers. They can help to create discussion which in turn can help gain a loyal fan base. Encouraging people to comment can be extremely difficult though; there’s also a fine line to toe between publishing content that is just controversial enough to get people talking and publishing material that is simply offensive.

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