2011 has been a busy year for Google, with much fanfare and hype surrounding Google+, its first venture into social networking.

Having gained 10 million users since its official launch back in September, Google+ has recently seen the introduction of ‘brand pages’ – designed to aid businesses with their social media marketing campaigns and advertising.

Ron Schott, writing for Search Engine Watch, has created a short guide, detailing a number of tips that marketers should note when preparing their Google+ brand page.

Here are just a few of those tips in a summarised form:

Set-up your own Google+ account: Get involved. There are a huge number of marketing professionals who write and talk about social media until they’re blue in the face –  without actively using it.

Taking the time to learn about the Google+ community and each of its various features will be of more benefit to your brand page than simply reading about it.

Community research – do it!: You’re sure to have a number of ‘key brand influencers’, so check to see if they operate a presence on Google+, and learn from the way that they use the site.

If your key influencers aren’t there, it’s likely that your target audience or demographic won’t be there either.

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