In their PPC marketing efforts, small, local businesses hardly ever use Google AdWords to its maximum potential. Writing for Search Engine Watch, Howie Jacobson has highlighted three ways in which local businesses can benefit from AdWords.

Here is just one of those aforementioned three ways suggested by Jacobson, in a summarised form:

Test Messaging For Other Media – AdWords can be used to test for the best possible ad copy for other platforms – such as print ads.

Jacobson states: “It’s not unusual for one a to perform two to five times better than another.” As most offline advertising is “of the ‘interruption’ variety” it is possible to use the Display Network, AdWords’ interruption arm, to test other ads.

According to Jacobson, the Display Network generates around 10 times the amount of traffic yielded by search and the clicks are considerably cheaper. He concludes: “So the Display Network is the perfect place to find messages, offers, and calls to action in offline media.”

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