ClickThrough Marketing ( has developed a workshop masterclass in online recruitment marketing and search engine optimisation.

ClickThrough is a commercial organisation offering SEO, Pay Per Click & Online PR services.  Its latest event has been specifically prepared to provide marketeers in the Recruitment sector with the tools & knowledge needed to develop an effective online marketing strategy.

The event is a free web-based masterclass, presented by Phil Robinson, Founder of ClickThrough and is accessible from anywhere providing you have a PC and phone line.

Upon registration, all attendees will receive a 26 page eBook containing analysis on the top 5000 search phrases being used on Google & Yahoo

Phil Robinson, Founder of ClickThrough, states, “There are huge numbers of people searching for jobs, vacancies and new careers, as well as companies searching for recruitment & employment services to help them with their own staffing needs.  This event and eBook has been developed for marketing executives at recruitment agencies, and to help demonstrate best practices in online marketing & search engine optimisation strategies”

Robinson continues, “If you would like to learn about the steps to successful SEO, improving Pay Per Click effectiveness and how to get more website conversions, then this workshop is for you.

To register for this event online go to

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About the author:

Phil Robinson is an online marketing consultant with over 17 years experience in marketing planning, internet strategy and online acquisition. In 2004, Phil founded ClickThrough, an ethical search marketing agency. He gives best practice training for businesses, runs seminars and writes books on digital marketing.