Surely they have to stop?! We’ve all seen them, here is the latest to land in my inbox – the sales letter the punters love!

WATCH my sales soar……

Read no further, just scroll down and BUY IT NOW!! This purchase will change your life – GUARANTEED! 100%, 30 day money back guarantee – what have you got to lose? BUY IT NOW!!! Don’t hesitate, join the club and buy it now and change my life.

Sadly, this format is still being plugged by Internet Marketing folk, and worse, still being fallen for by equally as many folk who obviously have money to burn, tear up or just throw away in their quest for that all elusive “Internet marketing empire”.

This approach is now so out of date as to be almost embarrassing to those of us in the business who have never succumbed to such methods. Somehow, this type of sales letter (and I am not picking on this particular product or person or anything, deliberately – it is just the most recent in the inbox, and I apologise unreservedly to its author for giving him a link) has become archteypal of all that is wrong in Internet marketing at the end of the noughties.

Firstly, it is selling an age old product. PLR content. If you are unable to write your own, unique content for your website – hire a copywriter! If you are not an expert in your products and services, and hence cannot advise a copywriter about what needs to be written, then ask yourself whether you are in the right business. Your business needs PASSION. You must care about what you do. You must know your business inside out, and sell it to your customers.

Secondly, how tired is this format? Big headlines, words such as ’empire’ or ‘millionaire’ in the first sentence, lengthy text to scroll through endlessly, big ticks and text boxes with dotted line surrounds, special freebies and bonuses thrown in (always as a result of supposed JVs with others in the same boat as you ie selling nothing, or similar PLR offers), testimonials from people who 2 secs of research finds are… um …you with a different hat on, or your brother/sister in law/next door neighbour/equally sad IM pretender, and a money back guarantee that no customer will never, ever be reminded of before it expires.

Should I go on? If you have never ever seen this type of page before: lucky, lucky you. I have seen thousands of them. I think we could draw this type of page in our sleep in the office.

They do NOT work. Oh, yes, they might part a fool from his gold, and make you a few short-lived sales, but they do not establish you as a bona fide business with a long term future. In fact, many of those who use this type of sales letter to attract customers – you will NEVER hear from again.

This is precisely the type of sales letter that gives us good search engine marketing folk a bad name. Whilst we actually get on and deliver campaigns that out-perform the competition, using landing pages, PPC, natural search, guerrilla marketing, web pr and much, much more, those who search on ‘internet marketing’ invariably get lumbered with this crap. Day in, day out, falling into their inbox, filling their screens, parting them from their money needlessly whilst they seek the right solutions for the job.

If you presume that you can become an internet marketing millionaire overnight because this type of sales letter uses social engineering and hypnotic writing convinced you, and you are happy to spend money for no given return (not a very business like approach), then this Paypal link should keep you happy too.

Click immediately and BUY it now. Only 25, 22, 18 copies left.

Once they are gone, the only way to get access is if a current member decides to leave and cancels their membership. So get in today, before it’s gone!

30 day money back guarantee. You will receive an unbelievable wealth of internet marketing material, never seen nor heard before or since, with full reseller rights. And it will buy my kids a pushbike each.

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