Companies using pay per click services can turn clickthroughs into conversions by making use of deep linking, according to one expert.

Writing on the Microsoft adCenter Blog, Simone Schuurer, a retail search media analyst at the software giant, said linking deeper into websites to more relevant landing pages can boost conversion rates.

She said deep linking leads users directly to the source of the content they are looking for, based on the search term entered, rather than taking them to the home page or some other part of the site.

This prevents them from getting lost when trying to find the information they require and means they are more likely to make a purchase, sign up to a mailing list or convert in some other way.

Ms Schuurer said deep linking also aid search engine marketing efforts, since relevant landing pages mean that more keywords are approved and at a faster rate.

Forrester Research analyst Shar VanBoskirk said in a blog post recently that companies using pay per click services should advertise on more than one search engine.

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