Pay per click (PPC) services can increase website traffic while offering firms complete control of their marketing spend.

Chad Brubaker, chief executive of accountancy website specialist, told Accounting Web that PPC marketing offers a number of benefits to firms with tight budgets and new start-ups.

Firstly, advertisers only pay PPC services such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter when someone clicks on their site.

PPC also allows users to set their own spending limits, because they create the ads and choose the keywords linked to their business. If a company wants to spend more, they can create more descriptive ads or include more keywords.

The key to success with PPC marketing is ensuring that the ads are diligently tracked, so firms know who is using their site, when they are visiting it and where they are coming from. Businesses also need to keep a close on how often keywords are appearing and how well they work for the site.

"Do your homework in the beginning and choose a web development professional who is well-versed in PPC to help you establish and set up your account," the site said.

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