Internet search engine Google has launched its own masterclass in making web services faster for the online community.

The organisation believes that a knowledge-sharing approach between companies is the key to the continued evolution of web service provisions and is leading by example with the launch of

A statement from Google read: "To optimise the speed of web applications and make browsing the web as fast as turning the pages of a magazine, we need to work together as a community, to tackle some larger challenges that keep the web slow."

According to the internet giant, these challenges – which have an impact on search engine marketing – include the updating of protocols that were appropriate only to the early stages of networks and interactive web applications, and a renewed focus on performance targets.

Google cites the 100 times improvement in JavaScript speed as a particular success story in the sector during the last ten years.

The search engine recently launched its own ‘Be a Gmail Ninja’ campaign, designed to encourage users to improve their email efficiency with better inbox filtering.

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