The Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog has looked back at some of the common errors that can damage ad performance.

In a "best of" post, the company’s communications manager for advertiser solutions Kastle Waserman said many of the mistakes that hold back pay per click marketing campaigns are easy to fix – if a company knows what to look for.

One common pitfall is using geo-modified keywords in a geo-targeted campaign. This can actually cause traffic levels to fall, as there is a good chance that a "geo-targeting mismatch" will mean ads do not display.

Geo-modified terms should therefore only be used in campaigns that do not use geo-targeting, she said.

Elsewhere, many advertisers duplicate their keywords across their marketing, thinking that a good phrase should surely be spread around.

However, Yahoo!’s systems looks for duplicates and removes them, resulting in a lower quality index score but a higher cost per click.

Finally, she warned advertisers not to "jump the gun" when it comes to adjusting their campaigns. Often, bids are adjusted or keywords are paused and deleted before enough data has been collected to make an "educated decision" about their performance, she noted.

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