Making sure ads are displayed is a top priority for online marketers and this has prompted Google to introduce a new tool that examines multiple keywords and diagnoses potential issues affecting their performance.

Miles Johnson wrote on the pay per click marketing service’s official blog Inside AdWords that whether a brand has ten keywords or 10,000, ensuring that they trigger ads is essential.

Using the standalone Ads Diagnostic Tool, accountholders can now run a test that generates real-time results for each phrase they use.

Marketers can also limit the scope of their diagnosis using a drop-down menu, allowing them to test the performance of their core phrases in single areas, such as location.

"If all is well, you see ‘Ad showing’. If not, you’ll see a brief summary of the problem," Mr Johnson said.

Common issues could include low bids for keywords or poor quality scores, he added.

In related news, Google will hold a users’ focus group on July 14th where AdWords accountholders will be able to share their experiences of its email, phone and chat support.

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