Search Engine Optimisation - Tips and TricksOne of the many things that you need to consider when developing your linking strategy is whether your links and anchor text are optimised. This means that when the search engines take into account a) where your links are pointing and b) the keywords present in the link, you will be accredited with the maximum ‘score’ according to their algorithms. This also applies to links pointing to your site from others.

Check your internal and backlinks regularly to ensure that you are using appropriate anchor text and that those who have been kind enough to link to you are also helping promote the most important keywords about your website, product, services and company.

A simple tool to give you an idea of what your backlinks look like is

You can use the following Boolean expression on Yahoo to find who is linking to you: -link: -link: (This will ensure that none of your internal links show up).

Make sure your keyword list is regularly checked to ensure that your top performing keywords (and this can include long tail terms) are also being included in your links and anchor text. However, do not get too eager with optimising anchor text as there is the potential to overdo it and upset the major search engines in the process.

You can find out more about how to optimise your site for search engines in our Search Engine Optimisation book.

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