Ad campaigns on Facebook are, like traditional paid search, not a "set it and forget it medium" – but according to one expert, there are also some important differences that impact on their return on investment (ROI).

Writing for Search Engine Land, Melissa Mackey said testing pay per click marketing is "possibly more critical" for Facebook.

With a normal search engine-based campaign, the fact that someone has entered a keyword indicates they are interested in what a brand has to offer – but the social network’s ads are targeted by age, gender and user information such as their interests or marital status.

Facebook also differs from search engines because it has a higher volume of repeat visitors who will be seeing the same ads again and again.

It is therefore necessary to "get creative" and test many different combinations of copy and images in rapid succession to find the most engaging messages, Ms Mackey said.

"Have at least 15 to 20 different images ready to go before launching your campaign and at least four or five different ad text ideas," she added.

Facebook currently has around 400 million active users worldwide.

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