Social Media Marketing - Tips and TricksMicrosoft have launched IE9 in an attempt to recapture some of their market share in the browser world. This is a beta product, which is a very Googlesque approach to a new product launch, and perhaps shows that Microsoft are learning from previous mistakes when browsers, operating systems and software have come under fire for bugs, vulnerabilities and occasionally non-functionality, and many have accused Microsoft of launching products prematurely before.

It is hard when an update has already been announced within hours not to think that even a beta may have been come too soon!

For some users who migrated from Internet Explorer previously, the new product may bear few surprises compared to other browsers and websites which have taken advantage of the cloud as well as better hardware in user’s computers, but why not give it a go and test drive IE9 here?

It is unavailable to any who have refused to learn to like Vista, which includes me, and it would be pointless putting it on either my Mac or Linux boxes as they have perfectly acceptable browsers already (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari – to name a few!).

However, I would be very interested to hear other people’s thoughts on IE9. Have you tried it? What is good or bad? What does it mean for HTML5, site designers etc and where does this leave Flash? The responses so far are definitely mixed, although the teaming up with the Gorillaz may win a percentage of market share from, um, Goriilaz fans?!

On a different note, Twitter have launched a new version of Twitter – watch the newtwitter video (start at 1m10s if you want the interesting stuff!). Now this is new and novel, making Twitter much more useful on the website than it has been previously. Many have relied on Hootsuite, Seesmic and Tweetdeck to be able to easily access info about a person tweeting, find previous tweets etc, but Twitter has now incorporated this into a ‘book style’ website.

Clicking on a tweet opens up a new pane on the right hand side which allows you to view info about the user, others who have retweeted (this is similar to the new uses of the Like button on Facebook). Videos are embedded within this pane too so you can more easily view them without leaving the Twitter site.

The new version hasn’t been made available to all users yet, but undoubtedly it will shortly. As with many things on Twitter, this launch will undoubtedly put Twitter over capacity as ever, but potentially these changes will see far more people on the website, giving Twitter an improved social media advertising opportunity (or three) that the increased page views will present.

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