With increasing numbers of people accessing the internet via their smartphones, the way users engage with internet marketing services will change.

This is the view of Matt McAlister, director of digital strategy for the Guardian Media Group, who stated individuals' expectations of the information they receive would be changed by the format.

With Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley predicting smartphone sales are set to double those of PCs in 2012, with over 400 million of the devices expected to be sold compared to 200 million computers, this will create a different environment for content creators, he said.

He noted laptops are being seen as increasingly irrelevant, as smartphones are considered to be a cheaper and more functional method of accessing the internet.

Because of this, mobile apps were now the first thing many web developers considered instead of focusing their attention on developing engaging websites, Mr McAlister said.

They would have to change the way in which they provided content in order to meet the differing demands of a mobile-enabled consumer, he added.

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