In 2013, the US’s top-spending retailers put more money into targeting luxury keywords in Google AdWords than the top-spending luxury brands, according to a report by AdGooroo.

To create the report, AdGooroo tracked 559 paid search keywords across five categories in the heavily competitive luxury fashion market. Retailers outspent the luxury brands on Google AdWords in four of the five categories – apparel, watches, shoes and beauty and cosmetics.

Brands  outspent retailers on paid search in the handbags category, but only by $111,000.

For context, retailers outspend brands by $698,000 on beauty and cosmetics, $715,000 on apparel, and $874,000 on footwear.

The biggest spender on apparel keywords amongst the brands was, which spent $1,316,000 in 2013 – $767,000 more than the next biggest spender, In third place was, which spent $323,000.

However, despite Louis Vuitton’s considerable PPC marketing spend, it managed an impression share of just 3.45 per cent.

Topping the list of retail spenders on apparel was, with $770,000 spent, followed closely by ($649,000) and ($545,000).

Here are the highest-spending retailers and brands broken down by each of the other four categories:

Beauty and Cosmetics

Top-spending brand: ($311,000)

Top-spending retailer: ($233,000)


Top-spending brand: ($62,000)

Top-spending retailer: ($204,000)


Top-spending brand: ($816,000)

Top-spending retailer: ($480,000)


Top-spending brand: ($149,000)

Top-spending retailer: ($243,000)

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