You can’t beat competition to inspire innovation and keep everyone on their toes. It looks like Microsoft are being quite determined in their attempt to capture some of Google’s market share in the search market.

Wolfram Alpha had a marginally rocky start last June when, after a blaze of pre-launch publicity, the servers crashed big style and then it turned out much of the world didn’t understand the difference between ‘search engine’ and ‘knowledge engine’. Meanwhile, Bing, after  similarly loud launch, has crept slowly into the consciousness of many and has become the favourite search engine of choice for a few.

It will be interesting to see whether this turns into a re-run of the Apple vs MS debate/saga, with a minority of users adamantly declaring the solution is AlphaBing and the ROW sticking with the only solution many of them have known since they first got online.

In some ways, it is hard to see how people will adapt from the “Just Google it” mentality, which seems to have become a common term in a vast number of languages. It’s more than just engrained habit; for some, it’s a little like being unaware there are other operating systems, software choices and so on out there, Google is THE internet search engine.

What search engine(s) do you use? Do you prefer Bing? Or Google? Or A N Other eg the meta search engines? Do you think AlphaBing is a match made in heaven, or doomed to lose? What do you think Wolfram Alpha and Bing together will bring to the search party?

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