Online marketing services who are predicting 2011 will be a year of revolution for mobile services are likely to be mistaken, one commentator has said.

Instead, Econsultancy's Rob Weatherhead stated that the platform is likely to see a more gradual evolution as both advertisers and the public shift their attitudes and technology progresses.

"The year of the mobile will probably never happen as there is no single event which is going to change the way we use and consume information and advertising on mobile devices," he stated.

However, Mr Weatherhead did say the channel will see mass-market adoption over time as it becomes easier to use for consumers.

The best thing internet marketing services providers can do is learn how to best utilise existing mobile platforms and develop their strategies as the technology evolves, he advised.

Recently, it was stated by Bryson Meunier, writing for Search Engine Land, that integrating mobile and social media promotions may be a good way to increase returns.

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