Google is taking steps to crack down on counterfeiters using AdWords accounts, those involved in pay per click marketing might be pleased to hear.

According to the online giant, it has invested in excess of $60 million (£37.2 million) in cutting down counterfeiting since 2010.

However, the firm is stepping up its efforts, pledging to investigate new complaints from reliable brands within 24 hours.

Pay per click marketing professionals might also benefit from improved reviews of AdWords creative and the introduction of a help centre page to report counterfeiters.

Kent Walker, senior vice-president and general counsel at Google, commented: "There's no silver bullet here [but] we are constantly working to improve our practices and tune our systems to keep out the bad guys."

This comes after the organisation announced the redesign of its Google Search app for iOS devices, which will enable individuals to use a microphone to conduct enquiries by voice as well as the traditional text method.

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